Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston at the Online Casino

Wondering what you can bet on at the entertainment portion of online casino sportsbooks? One of the newest, and probably most unkind, prop out there has to do with singing legend Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston once had the ability to sell a million albums just by opening her voice and singing. And yet today, you can make an online casino bet on whether or not she will get hit with drug charges by May 31st of this year. There’s nothing quite like putting your online casino money on a former star turned junkie!

It has been a well known fact that Whitney Houston and husband Bobby Brown, have dabbled in a bit of drug use. In fact, several years ago a reporter asked the star if she does crack, her response was simply, “I don’t do crack, crack is cheap.” This, online casino fans, should be all you need to place your money against Whitney. Crack is cheap? What exactly does that mean? Who knows really!

The biggest surprise however, is with the online casino that is offering the odds on Whitney Houston’s possible drug arrest. One would think that the online casino favorite would be a yes to the drug bust. But this is not the case, the online casino has given overwhelming odds on the fact that Whitney would not get arrested. The reason for this probably has to do with the fact that, regardless of how much of an addict Houston has become, she is still considered a Hollywood elite, and they don’t get busted all too often!


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