Online Casino UK Gears

UK Gears Up for Online Casinos

As 2007 kicks in, the United Kingdom is preparing itself for the legalization of online casinos in the country. What is the UK doing to ensure the smooth introduction of online casinos into its society? It can be said that the British government finally saw the light in 2005 when it passed the Gambling Act that essentially legalized gambling and online casinos in the country. The government was aware that it could not allow online casinos to begin operating legally overnight and gave itself a two year time period to study the issues involved and create regulations which would ensure the smooth introduction of online casinos into British society.

The first thing that the government did was to create the Gambling Commission whose job it was to create guidelines and proposals to regulate online casinos and land-based casinos operating within the British borders. If online casinos and other gambling locations wish to obtain a license, they will need to comply with strict rules and regulations imposed by the Commission. Some of these regulations include limiting the sale of alcohol on casino premises and the making available of literature that assists compulsive gamblers.

Operators of online casinos will also need to hire trained staff in order to keep the standard of service at a satisfactory level. While many online casinos feel that the Commission is too strict in their regulations imposed, they really have no choice in the matter. If online casinos want a piece of the British action, they will need to learn to comply.


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