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The Great Online Casino versus Land Casino Debate

When online casino sites started appearing on the internet, many gamblers could not understand what all the hype was all about. Surely, they reckoned, online casino gambling could not be considered REAL gambling. These gamblers presumed that gambling could not take place in any other location other than Vegas type casinos. Slowly but surely, online casino sites began to make a mark in the industry and within a few years became just as popular as land-based casinos.

Today, for every argument that you find against online casino sites, you will find a counter-argument from the other side. Land-based gamblers argue that you cannot experience the buzz that you get from gambling in Vegas casinos. Online casino fans counter this with the convenience factor: That they need never leave the comfort of their own homes to play online casino games that are just as exciting as in a Vegas casino. Land-based gamblers bring in the social factor and the fact that online gambling can be solitary and boring. Online casino players retort that the social scene at most sites is abundant with opportunities to chat, make new friends, enter tournaments and play in teams.

There is no end to the great online casino versus land based casino debate. In the end, it all boils down to a matter of personal choice and taste. In whichever direction gamblers choose to go, one thing is for sure: The fun and excitement of gambling remains constant wherever it takes place.


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